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Artigas gardens & giant croissant

Hidden in the north of Catalonia Artigas Gardens is a wonderful creation of Antoni Gaudi. Travelling on a lovely train. Climbing up the mountain to find the biggest croissant in Catalonia! 

Bike adventure + picnic & lunch

A picnic with fantastic views, biking down the Tibidabo mountain, swimming in a secret pool, tour around the most “foppish” city in Spain, iced cava and lunch!

A trip to the Priorat valley. We will visit a hidden in the mountains medieval city of Siurana, kayak on the emerald water of the mountain lake, have lunch in the traditional Catalan Masia. And, of course, visit a wine outlet!

Siurana & kayaking!

Sant Miguel del Fai + picnic

Very close to Barcelona, there is the Monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai. Walking to the amazing waterfall and then descending into the caves and a picnic to conclude our adventure. A great experience for the whole family!


One of the most beautiful places in Spain. This breathtaking route combines kayaking and walking over wooden stairs on the cliff. Gastronomic picnic. Swimming in transparent blue water of the mountain lake. 

Rafting down the full-flowing river Noguera Pallaresa in the Pyrenees.

This exciting and beautiful adventure will really give you a thrill. Routes of any difficulty are provided.

Rafting in the Pyrenees