A small monastery, a big waterfall!



A half-day adventure: transfer to the monastery along the scenic road through the Montseny mountain valley, a tour around the monastery, trekking to waterfalls, trekking through the caves and a picnic.

Вы в скале, перед Вами водопад!

На территории Монастыря


Гало - радуга вокруг солнца!

Карта местности



In the morning, we will pick you from the hotel. The monastery is located very close to Barcelona, ​​but hidden high in the mountains. Despite those incredible views of this charming place, there are almost no tourists there. This is the kingdom of water in all the possible ways you can imagine: waterfalls are everywhere, hidden water channels, small but beautiful lakes, natural fountains... with an amazing circular “halo” rainbow that can be often seen around the sun, this place is very special and worth visiting!

From the monastery we will go to the waterfall walk – an incredible feeling! Then we will go down to the caves, which are just nearby.  At the end of our adventure, we will have a gastronomic picnic.


The whole adventure lasts 5 hours. Then, the car tour will take you back to Barcelona.

A nice bonus: the tour includes a photoshoot. You will get beautiful retouched photos within three days after the tour.

Included in the price


Transfer, entrance tickets to the monastery, a tour, a picnic, a photoshoot.



Tour price - € 80 per person (for a group of 4 people)

The tour can be taken by children from 4 years old

Tour duration - 10 hours

Tour language - English/Spanish

Recommended clothing: shorts, a T-shirt, comfortable shoes

We recommend taking a sunscreen cream with you 

Phone to order +34 615 459 233

Phone to order +34 615 459 233